Epever Charge Controllers


The LandStar series solar controller adopts the most advanced digital technique and operates fully automatically. The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) battery charging can greatly increase the lifetime of battery.



Epever Charge Controllers, LS-EU solar controller is new member of LandStar family and ideal for small solar system especially home system. It has the beautiful appearance, and simple operation, and the industrial grade design ensures its reliability. Based on the LS-E series, LS-EU series add a +5V/1.2A USB terminal output which can charge mobile phone, fans and other electronic device.

Features of LandStar Charge Controllers:
● 3-Stage intelligent PWM charging:Bulk, Boost/Equalize, Float
● Support 3 charging options: Sealed, Gel, and Flooded
● Battery status LED indicator can indicates battery situation
● Battery temperature compensation function
● With humanized settings, operation will be more comfortable and convenient
● The USB will provide power supply that can charge for electronic equipment
● Battery type and load output can be set via button

Electronic protections:
● Battery over voltage protection
● Battery over discharge protection
● Load overload protection
● Load short circuit protection

LandStar EU Datasheet

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Epsolar Landstar

0512EU 5A PWM – 12Volt only, 1024EU 10A PWM 12V/24V, 2024EU 20A PWM 12V/24V, 3024EU 30A PWM 12V/24V