Low pressure solar geysers

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Low pressure solar geysers (close coupled unit) is popular for many reasons, but there are two main attractions.

1. It is the solar power aspect that counts. There’s is no need for any external electricity sources.
2. It has a very basic setup.

To heat water on a daily basis you literally only need the sun’s radiation. Another reason why a low pressure solar geyser system is popular is the fact that there are no moving parts involved, it is a simple system yes effective.
Low pressure systems are closed coupled systems, it means that the tubes connect directly into the tank. Heated water is pushed up the pipes filling the tank with the hot water and subsequently pushing the cold water back down into the tubes for re-heating. This process happens continuously throughout the day.

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Solar water heaters (Low pressure solar geysers) have many benefits both for the customer and for South Africa. The customer benefits by having a reduced electricity bill and the country benefits because less power has to be generated by Eskom and so less pollution is generated.

A solar water heater normally has a panel with a tank mounted on the roof and sometimes an element too, ensuring that hot water is available whenever needed. Solar water heaters can be used both at residential and commercial/industrial buildings.

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