Vision Batteries

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The rechargeable batteries are lead-lead dioxide systems. The dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte is absorbed by separators and plates and thus immobilized. Should the battery be accidentally overcharged producing hydrogen and oxygen, special oneway valves allow the gases to escape thus avoiding excessive pressure build-up. Otherwise, the battery is completely sealed and is, therefore, maintenance-free, leak proof and usable in any position.

VISION FM series are designed for general-purpose applications, such as UPS, telecom, solar and electrical utilities. With 10 years design life, the batteries comply to the most popular international standards, such as IEC60896-21/22, BS6290-4, Eurobat Guide.
The battery container and cover are available both in V0 class flame retardant ABS or HBO ABS plastics. With more than 15 years of production experience, VISION FM series of VRLA batteries are recognized as the most reliable and high quality battery system in the industry.

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General Features

  • Advanced pure lead technology
  • Stronger discharge performance
  • Excellent consistency and reliability
  • Special design to avoid thermal runaway
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Longer float & cycle life, longer warranty
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Low self discharge
  • Case and cover avaiable in both standard and flame restardant ABS

    √ Environmentally friendly
    √ High Reliability and Good Quality
    √ Lower internal Resistance
    √ High Power Density
    √ Long Service Life, in Float and Cyclic
    √ International Standard, JIS and DIN
    √ Thick pasted plates with high quality
    √ lead-tin-calcium alloy grids for long service life

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100Ah 6FM100P-X, 200Ah 6FM200Z-X Heavy Duty