Solar Mounting Structure

Solar mounting structure/s is the supporting structure that holds the solar panels or arrays of solar panels to the ground or roof. Panels need to be attached to the roof or to the ground. The panels themselves cannot be directly attached to the ground owing to their structure, and hence they need a separate mounting structure. Solar mounting structures made of steel or aluminium support the panels on the ground or roof, and also tilt them at an optimal angle to receive maximum sunlight. Typically, solar mounting structure/s require little or no maintenance. There is a wide variety of mounting structures available, and hence it will be difficult to put down a specific number. However, in general, one can expect really lightweight mounting structures from aluminium to weigh as low as 25 Kg /kW to sophisticated stainless steel structures that could weigh as high as 200 Kg/kW. The mounting structure area surely is an evolving field and one can expect many improvisations in design and materials in the coming years.

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