Efergy Monitoring

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Download your energy consumption data to your PC and analyze it with the elink software. View information graphs, print or save reports as PDF files. Data may also be viewed using Excel or other spreadsheet packages.

The sensor will clip onto your electricity meter, so it can measure the current that flows through it and measure your usage. Attached to this sensor is a wireless transmitter, which then transmits the reading to your wireless display or Wi-Fi enabled hub.

One of the special features of the Efergy E2 Energy Monitor is the ability to view and download your energy history for up to 2 years. The free elink software once installed enables you to view any time of the day and compare the results.


✔ How much electricity is being used at any given moment

✔ The total amount of money being spent on electricity

✔ The difference in electricity consumption by turning on and off various devices

✔ How much money can be saved by reducing usage

✔ Savings of 5% – 20% off typical energy consumption

✔ Track, download and analyze your energy consumption

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Efergy Monitoring

E2 Classic 3 Phase, Large Circuit Transformer


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