SMA Sunny TriPower Inverters

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One system. Everything from a single source

The SMA Energy System has a modular structure with perfectly matched components from a single source. In addition to hardware, this includes convenient solutions for monitoring and controlling via the web portal or an app. You can start with the comprehensive system or with a smaller solution that you gradually expand, depending on what best suits your needs and budget.

SMA Energy Systems for your home help you cut your energy costs instantly and over the long term by allowing you to exploit the unlimited power of the sun to generate free and environmentally friendly solar power. This is how you become independent from electric utility companies and do not have to worry about rising energy prices. Any solar power that you do not need can be fed into your electric utility company’s grid for a fixed feed-in tariff. Since the feed-in tariff is much lower than the power purchase price, it is worth using as much self-generated power as possible to minimize the amount of additional power you have to buy. In the future, you will also be able to sell the solar power.

Thanks to your SMA Energy System, you will fulfill all the necessary technological criteria for the energy market of the future.

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SMA Sunny Tripower

Sunny Boy 1.5 1MPPT, Sunny Boy 2.5 1MPPT, SMA Sunny Boy 3K – SB3, Sunny Tripower 20000TL, Sunny Tripower 25000TL, Sunny Tripower CORE1 50kW


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