Solar geyser element

R2 138.00


Electric immersion heating elements made with resistance wire are traditionally used as the source of heat in electric geysers. This is the only type of heating element used in geysers within the South African market. When voltage is applied to the resistance wire, it heats up. Heating elements designed to heat water typically operate above 500ºC internally. Since the element’s resistance measurement is constant, the heat output will be constant regardless of the surroundings. When an element using resistance wire is subjected to conditions such as scale build up or operation in air due to a water level drop, the heat generated by the wire is not able to dissipate quickly enough. This results in a rapid increase in surface and internal temperatures. These elevated temperatures shorten the element service life and can damage surrounding material such as a plastic tank or piping.

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Solar geyser element

2 kW Element (DC)


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