Solar panel mounting structures

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The mounting structure is the supporting structure that holds the solar panels or arrays of solar panels to the ground. When you see solar panels, whether on rooftops or on the ground, you see them mounted on metallic structures. What are these mounting structures made of, and do they play a role beyond being just support structures? Mounting structures support solar panels on the ground, or on the rooftops.

Mounting structures made of steel or aluminium support the panels on the ground, and also tilt them at an optimal angle to receive maximum sunlight.

These following structure carry the weight of 250-320Watt panels

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Solar mounting structure

Tile Roof – 3 panels, Tile Roof – 4 panels, Tile Roof – 5 panels, IBR Roof – 3 panels, IBR Roof – 4 panels, IBR Roof – 5 panels, Corrugated Roof – 3 panels, Corrugated Roof – 4 panels, Corrugated Roof – 5 panels, Flat Roof – 3 panels, Flat Roof – 4 panels, Flat Roof – 5 panels


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