WM4 Connectors




MC4 is the name of the connection type on all new solar panels, providing an IP67 waterproof and dust proof safe electrical connection. MC4 will not connect with older MC3 type connectors.

The MC4 connectors work best with 4mm and 6mm solar cable.

When you buy any new solar panel (usually over 30 Watts) it will be already fitted with two 500 – 900mm leads with MC4 connectors attached for you to get the power safely out of the solar panel.

Great, but how do you get the power from the panel on an outbuilding roof to your controller 20 Metres away?

We sell the connectors & cables separate, but a more efficient way is to buy the connector & cable which you can cut to the exact length you need and then attach MC4 connectors.

Additional information

WM4 Connectors

Standard WM4 – Male, Standard WM4 – Female, PV-Stick Male, PV-Stick Female, PV Split-Connector Male, PV Split-Connector Female, MC4 solar Y 2-branch, MC4 solar Y 3-branch


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